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Hi.Ed is a Guidance Management System (GMS) that gives purpose to every stakeholder in education. The Hi.Ed platform connects K12, 2–4-year colleges, and the workforce.  Our software incorporates algorithms that aligns the student's curriculum with their predetermined goals to ensure the student is purpose-driven with every course taken. Through innovation, Hi.Ed provides a clear vision of a student’s hopes and dreams upon graduation.




- Dr. Stephen R. Covey

500 - 1

Did you know the national student to counselor ratio is 500 - 1? 

Hi.Ed provides accurate guidance through data-filled reports for administrators and school personnel to intelligently guide our students.

What's our Why

Which Path Will You Take?

Our team has worked with school and industry professionals to identify tracks that students are most likely to take. These tracks have proven to provide students with relevant tasks and opportunities allowing them to gain more knowledge and experience within their interest. Through our tracks, our students have shown to be proactive and confident as they pursue the life of their dreams.

Explore our Tracks

Workforce Track

This track challenges students to prepare themselves for job opportunities immediately after high school graduation. Starting in the 9th grade, students will be tasked with learning skillsets from career tech course offerings in their school to resume writing workshops. If you want a jump start into your career, this track may be for you.


Military Track

Interested in serving our country through the US Armed Forces, then look no further. Hi.Ed has teamed up with military personnel to offer students an inside look at military life, resources for choosing the right branch to serve in, and necessary steps to prepare students for entry. This track is a great way to get you started on a life changing experience. 




One of our most successful tracks, the college track is a great way to further your education and pave the way to a successful future. In this track students will be able to create a wish list of colleges while striving towards clear acceptance standards. The possibilities are endless here. 


Undecided Track

Not sure which track to select, not to worry. Our undecided track is one of our most selected tracks. However, through our skills and strengths assessments, you will soon be on the track of your dreams. In this track you will receive a blend of workforce, college, and military tracks while you take time to decide on a track. You won't be left behind while exploring our undecided track.





— Coach Mark Freeman, Head Football Coach , Thompson High School

"As the state-championship-winning head football coach for 7A Thompson High School, I've experienced firsthand the power of Hi.Ed to help student-athletes succeed. Hi.Ed provides easy, on-demand access to graduation credits, GPAs, and qualifications for college admissions and scholarships. It also tracks up-to-date NCAA eligibility for student-athletes, so players can know where they stand during the recruitment process and work toward earning a scholarship to play college athletics."


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